Kyoto, so much to do, ended up doing nothing.

by Ron

Also available in: Nederlands

Got up at eight o’clock, packed my bag and made some tea. I wondered around the hotel until check out time at ten o’clock. It was nice to have a slow start in the morning after all those busy mornings. Later at Hiroshima’s train station, I got myself some tasty bread for later and for breakfast, I got something I normally never eat; a McChickenCheese Burger. Loved it! No clue why I suddenly had a craving for that.

After a half hour wait, the train arrived. Some Japanese lady cut in front of the line (not a real lady after all). No clue why since all seats were with reservation anyway. Somehow the ticket office booked me a seat in Green Class again. I like to get surprised by stuff like that. At 13:10 I arrived at Shin-Kobe for my next train. Around two I arrived in Kyoto. This was also my last long train ride with my backpack in Japan. Well, at least for this Japan adventure. I will definitely return one day to enjoy more of everything Japan has to offer. I still had one more long train ride to go off three hours later in the week. My backpack will stay in Kyoto for one night. After one more short ride of a few minutes, I arrived at my new neighbourhood for a few days.


Loved my apartment. Not so fancy on the outside but really cozy on the inside. Also just 400 meters from the train station.


Used the washing machine immediately, was already out of clean socks in the morning. While I waited for the wash to finish I bought two, 2-liter bottles of water and some beer. After I finished hanging the wash and put in the second one, I left for Kyoto station. Definitely, looked around in the main hall, it’s really nice. You can go all the way up for a great view over Kyoto. The Skybridge also has windows to enjoy the view.

Of course, I didn’t bring my coat and it got cold. So, no other choice than to return to pick it up in the apartment. Got the wash out of the machine and dropped it on the floor. Since the machine is outside and the ground wasn’t really clean I decided to rewash it. While the machine was running again I started writing this report and had some beer. After the machine finished, hang the wash without dropping it. Took my coat and left to town. Nice little temple close by as well.


Wanted to do so many things but decided to do nothing. All things could wait till the next day. Still had four more days in Kyoto after all. Maybe three more because I might do something else outside of town. After walking for a while at the station area decided to eat somewhere. Had to wait fifteen minutes for a table, wasn’t in a rush. After I sat down I had to figure out what to do. Well It was more or less clear, there was a tablet on the table to place your order and a teppanyaki plate in front of me.


Talked to some other tourist next to me and they weren’t completely sure what to do either. No help at all! 😉 No, just joking they were a really nice couple from California. My food was transferred to the hot plate in front me and kept nice and hot that way. I ordered Old Town Kyoto Yakisoba (thin noodles) with sausage, cheese, squid, and spring onions and lots of spices I am sure.


With a spatula, you are able to take some of the food and put it on your plate. Didn’t take a dessert because I thought it would be too much. Loved the food, I might return here. Once outside I decided I wanted a dessert after all, so I got a McFlurry Oreo. Back at the station watched the pretty lights from the tree and stairway. Christmas is coming. After a three minute ride back to my stop I returned back home.


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