Kiyomizudera by day and night a beautiful sight

by Ron

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I just couldn’t decide on what to do with this day. First, I planned a hike outside of town. However, due to delays, I skipped that plan. Then I tried to decide between visiting Bara or Himeji. Staying in town was also an option. So many choices. I ended up staying in town. After that many choices and things to do it seemed best to reward myself with a nice and slow day at Kiyomizudera. The weather was amazing and my coat well my coat stayed at home.



Since Kiyomizudera wasn’t that far from the apartment and I still wanted to visit this temple I hit the road. The park close to the Gion district houses multiple temples. Just arrived I got treated to a traditional wedding. Since they married so publicly, I saw no harm in making a few pictures.


Wasn’t invited to the party so continued my way to the temple. Walked uphill through the Higashiyama District. You can still find a lot of old stores and houses in the area. You can find plenty of small snacks I recommend to try a few. Just enjoy the area with all the little shops and beautiful old buildings. All the way at the top I arrived at the Kiyomizudera temple. The temple is also on the World heritage list. The most famous thing about the temple is the huge terras at a height of thirteen meters. More than worth a visit. When I was there some parts where being renovated, Thankfully not the main building.


After arriving down hill again I got myself some food and sat down in the sun next to the river. After relaxing for thirty minutes I made my way to the shops in the area.


Got more bandages for my feet and found two more flavors of KitKat (strawberry and pure chocolate). The rest of the afternoon I spend back at the apartment. In the evening I returned to Kiyomizudera. The temple is only open a few times a year, so I had to see it by night. It was crazy busy! Getting an entrance ticket went surprisingly fast I must say. In the past, I have said about places they were busy. I stand corrected this was busy. The sight was beautiful though.


Slowly made my way back down the fun little streets.


Around 10 o’clock after some amazing food, I returned to the apartment.


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