Japanse KitKat flavor test. Are they good or……

by Ron

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During my entire trip in Japan, I’ve bought a new flavor of KitaKat every time I found one. Every time I have put the bag of KitKat in my backpack without tasting, to take them back home. Well, almost every time, I might have had to buy two flavors once more after some binge eating. Found a total of ten flavors during my trip. Could have been twelve different KitKat’s. From one I thought I would pick it up later and then wasn’t able to find it anymore. The other was sold in such a big package that I decided that that was a bit much. The flavors I missed were Melon and another green tea flavor. ūüôĀ


KitKat flavor test: Pure Chocolate


I love pure chocolate, so I am pleased to announce that it met my expectations. I would definitely buy this back home if it was sold in the Netherlands. I am happy that the list starts off with a positive score. : D

Score: 8.5


Green tea


KitKat Green Tea. You really taste the green tea; sweetness is well balanced. In one word delicious. I did not expect myself to enjoy this one so much. Certainly one of my favorites.

Score: 9.5



Chocolate and strawberries, the only thing missing is whipped cream. ūüôā Unfortunately, this KitKat isn’t as tasty as expected. Caused by the slightly chemical smell and taste. I enjoyed the slightly sour flavor.¬†

Score: 6



KitKat Raspberry. It smells and tastes really like raspberries. The same like the strawberry flavor it has a slightly sour taste. I like the sourness in it. Nothing bad to say about this KitKat.

Score: 8

Almond Cranberry


KitKat almond cranberry. I like how this one looks with the nuts and cranberries on top. The first plus is that it’s made with pure chocolate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the cranberries in the KitKat.

Score: 8

Butter Cookie


This is a very strange KitKat, which must be baked in a toaster oven. I don’t have a toaster oven, so I used the grill of my regular oven. ¬†Browned nicely on top but as expected the chocolate melted completely. The second try worked out slightly better. The taste, tasty but not exceptional. Click here for the baking instructions. : D Because I liked baking a KitKat for a change, I give a 10 for creativity.

Score: 7.5




You might think how do you come up with flavoring a KitKat with Sake. But this one is delicious. You definitely taste the alcohol flavor without dominating the overall taste. Whether it really tastes like Sake, I am not sure. I should have eaten them with Sake on the side I guess.

Score: 9

Shinshu Appel


Once you open the package, you already smell apple. The smell is significantly stronger than the taste, but definitely there. I have to admit that I have no idea how a Shinshu apple really tastes. Very sweet, albeit delicious. Now, I should eat a real Shinshu apple one day. 

Score: 7.5

Kobe Pudding


Didn’t eat Kobe Pudding in Japan. It reminds me of Crem√© Brulee. I think it’s the caramel flavor. Really, very tasty. Aftertaste is a bit too sweet.¬†

Score: 8.5



White chocolate with wasabi, at the first bite I thought hmmm pretty good. Until the sharp taste of the wasabi reared its ugly face. Not a great combination. I think that the combination of spicy wasabi just doesn’t work well with the sweetness of chocolate. I guess this is a KitKat you either love or hate.¬†

Score: 4




It was hard to choose between number one and two. The green tea was just more sophisticated and tasty. So, I choose KitKat green tea over the Sake flavor as the winner of the taste test. Most of them were really good, the advantage of the perhaps dull Dutch variant is that it is just that chocolate with biscuit¬†inside, you never can go wrong with that. I miss all the amazing flavors, I miss Japan. If I’m ever in Japan again, I’ll wonder what new flavors I will find.


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