My itinerary is ready for 3 weeks in Italy

by Ron

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Three weeks in Italy, I can’t wait. I have been busy planning my travel itinerary to the country of pasta, pizza, and wine. Hmmm, can’t wait to try all those amazing dishes. Two more weeks before I board the train towards Munich to switch to the night train to reach my first destination. Well, maybe Munich is my first destination, but I just spent four hours there so I am not counting it.



Venetie drie weken italië

From Munich, I will take the night train to Venice. It will be the first time I travel by night train. I think it’s fun to try out this way of traveling. Besides, not in a rush and not in the mood to fly. I kinda expect the train to be a little bit dated. On the other hand that might be part of the charm. Thankfully, the train has one person compartments with a private toilet, that is mine. 🙂 As far as I was able to see I will arrive in Venice around 9 a.m. That will give me two full days to explore the sinking city at a relaxing pace. From there I will continue my journey on day three towards….


Lake Como

comomeer drie weken italië

The lake is situated one hour by train to the north of Milan. Total train time is not bad at all. Just four hours. Around the lake, there are a lot of little village’s to visit and also enjoy nature. I wanted to stay in the town Bellagio. However, pricing was a bit too high for my taste. So I decided to find accommodation in a town a little less expensive. Still a good spot and easy access to the train to visit everything. I will stay there for two and a half days. Just relax and unwind before I plunge into the next busy town.



Florence drie weken italië

Even though I visited Florance before with my husband just like Venice I decided to revisit because it’s years ago and I just want to see it again. The train will take about four and a half hours to get me there and like the previous destination, I have two and a half days to explore Florance. I might trade in this town for a morning in Pisa. It’s just fifty minutes from Florance and from what I remember you can do this visit in like two hours. That will get me back to town just in time to get myself some great lunch somewhere. The next stop I just can’t skip…



Rome drie weken italië

If you travel to Italy this town is kinda mandatory and there is plenty to see and do. I don’t think I will have a problem filling my five days in Rome. I do think however I might take a side trip to Pompeii in the middle of my stay. Always wanted to visit Pompeii and I get to see the Vesuvius as well. Let’s just hope he will keep quiet. After that side trip, I will have two days left in town. Enough time to enjoy all that Rome has to offer; culture, food, drinks, and sleep in. 😉 After that, I will have traveled for two weeks out of the three already and will continue my path towards.


La Spezia

drie weken italiëThis town is perfectly situated to visit what I want to see. The beautiful nature park Cinque Terre. A coastal area with five beautiful towns that you can reach by train or foot. Hopefully, without the foot problems, I had last year in Japan. But I will just assume that my feet will behave this time. I will stay there for two and a half days and get some rest after the hectic city life of Rome. Then I will travel slowly back home passing through…



drie weken italië 1

I have less time to spend in Milan. Somehow I am little less interested in this town. But I am ready to get proven wrong. Mainly travel here because it’s a great way to slowly travel back to Amsterdam. If I am right and kinda think the town is not my cup of tea. Well, I can always take a day trip to Lake Garda, enjoy some more nature. But who knows. I might fall in love with Milan. From there I will travel on towards…



Frankfurt drie weken italië

In Frankfurt, I have one full day of sightseeing. No clue if this will be enough? But the main reason is not rushing to get home but do it in a relaxing manner. I am curious if I will like this town or not. Still, no clue what I want to visit.


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Ever been to Italy? What was your experience, what towns did you visit? Let me know down below.


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