Goodbye Koyasan. Mayby we’ll meet again.

by Ron

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It was so cold in my room at 6:10 a.m. I didn’t want to get up. My bed was so comfortable and warm. Got up, got dressed and walked downstairs to get my shoes at the entrance. Tied my laces and walked to the temple. In front of the building I kicked off my shoes and put on some slippers. After entering the ceremony room, I sat down with all the other people that were there already. Halfway the ceremony everybody (in turns) walked up to the altar to burn incense. I kneeled down, added incense onto the still smoldering incense, then moved back to allow others to do the same.

Shortly after we walked in silence around the altar into another room. There the monk explained about the angry-looking buddha. The monk explaining already told me the story in private the night before. Felt kinda special. Once back in the main room and back on my knees, one monk told a story. A long story in Japanese. which I and most of the other tourists couldn’t follow. I was impatient for the story to finish. It was so cold and my feet needed warming up. The story took about twenty minutes. Too bad I couldn’t understand it. After he finished, the ceremony was over. The girl next to me said at that moment; OMG I am so cold. Hahaha. An amazing experience!


Back in my room breakfast was already waiting for me. Hmmm, warm tea. Before I went up to my room and put my shoes into a plastic bag. Officially, you have to place them at the entrance in the wooden shoe cabinet. Since my feet would have remained cold that day if I placed them in the cold storage. I took them up with me in a plastic bag. I didn’t plan the whole warm shoe plan very well. I had to pay my bill at the building across the street and over there they had to remain outside again. After I paid for my room, I took the bus and cable card down to the train station. After five trains I arrived around twelve-thirty p.m. back at my apartment in Kyoto.


Nishiki Market

I got myself some lunch at the supermarket after lunch I went back to town to find myself some chopsticks. Online I found a small store with loads of them. After I entered the store it became clear that this wasn’t the shop where I would spend my money. The lady behind the counter was not nice at all. So unlike the Japanese, I have met so far. Must say I since I worked in a shop for a long time I kinda understand her. How many times did I think; Ugh another tourist who will not buy a thing. Unfortunately for her, I was planning to buy something. Her bad mood made me leave. The trip there wasn’t a waste. I moved on to Nishiki Market. A great market street with lots of delicious food. Highly recommend visiting around lunch. They akso have strange things to try out. I kept it familiar and ate delicious coquilles. When done with the food at Nishiki Market there are loads of shops around the area to enjoy.


In the evening

After I arrived back at the apartment, I spend my time writing my report from the day before. Around 6:30 p.m. I realized that I was hungry, and it was time to eat something. It had been a long day since I got up at 6 a.m. and traveled for more than three hours to get back in Kyoto; I thought it best to eat somewhere close to the apartment. I already started to feel at home in this great little neighborhood. The food was amazing. I had different kinds of Yakitori, also one made of chicken hearts.

After a long day and a failed hunt for chopsticks, I at least got home with some more Kitkat’s (green tea, sake, and Crème brûlée)


I already miss Koyasan a bit. So two more pictures. 🙂


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