Garlic sauce, easy to make and better than store-bought

by Ron
Garlic Sauce

Also available in: Nederlands

Garlic sauce, I love it. Also really easy to make and better than store-bought ones. I think those are a bit too sweet. It will only take 10 minutes to make. Most people have the ingredients already in their kitchen. The only thing you might need to buy is the crème fraîche. Try out this garlic sauce and let me know if you liked it. 

Garlic sauce

preparation 5 minutes, cooking time 5 minutes.


ingredients sauce:
  • 125ml crème fraîche
  • 125 ml mayonnaise
  • fresh garlic
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • salt
  • powdered sugar
  • garlic press

Clean to cloves of garlic. Add the crème fraîche and mayonnaise to a bowl, incorporate with a whisk. Add the garlic cloves to the mixture with a garlic press, whisk, taste if it has enough garlic for your liking. Add more if needed. Flavor to taste with freshly ground black pepper, salt and a little bit of powdered sugar. Keep whisking in small amounts of water to give the garlic sauce the desired thickness.

Give the sauce a try with Turkish pizza


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