Eton mess, easy and fast to make and so delicious

by Ron
Eton mess

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Eton mess, I really think this is a great holiday dessert. It’s is festive in his own messy way. Eton mess is ideal if you want to make a tasty yet easy and quick dessert. I made it this time around in jam jars. You can also serve it in a fancy water glass or wine glass. I prefer to use fresh fruit instead over frozen fruit. I use 500 ml of cream in the recipe. Depending on the type of glass you use, this may be too much. But that is no problem, I would use the extra whipped cream on top of some hot chocolate in that case. Especially with this weather.

Eton mess

  Servings: 4        prep-time: 5 minutes         cooking time: 10 minutes


  • 500 ml of whipping cream
  • box of blueberries
  • box of blackberries
  • box of raspberries
  • meringues store bought. (you can also make your own if you like)

Instructions Eton mess:

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the cream and whisk the cream until it has the firmness you prefer. Break the meringues into small pieces. About one meringue for each glass, depending on taste. Mix the whipped cream with the fruits and meringue (keep some fruit and meringue for garnishing). Divide the mixture over the glasses and garnish with the fruit and pieces of meringue.




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