Bugs in my blog, time to irradicate them

by Ron

Also available in: Nederlands

I have been busy this week with removing bugs. Thankfully, I finally succeeded to tackle the biggest problem of all. The website had the tendency of not showing the latest posts because of miscommunication with your browsers. Because of that, it looked like I never posted new stuff. After a lot of headaches, I finally managed to remove this problem. Also fixed some minor things. I am happy that all works again and you will see the most recent posts when visiting the homepage.

While I was at it, I changed the look and feel of my blog a bit. Personally, I think it looks better now, and easier on the eyes. But I will let you be the judge of that. I might build a new homepage, not sure yet. Anyway, that might take a while, although you never know with me.

Besides the bugs and look I rearranged the recipe part of the menu. It’s divided into categories now, to help you find recipes faster and easier. On the page with all recipes, I added filters so you can also sort them on that page. I hope you it’s to your liking.

I thought I could use an update also, so I added a new picture in the sidebar. Also changed the picture on the about me page.

The page with emigration stories will get the world map with clickable pins back in a few more days.

That was all that has been updated and fixed. My intention was to place some nice B&W pictures for you all to enjoy. However, after I threw oil that came out of a 160 degrees Celcius oven over my arm, I was kinda done for the day. 🙁 My arm still hurts, and I just want to relax and sleep now. Wednesday I will be back with chicken.

Looking forward to it.


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