A day in Nara. I loved the amazing park

by Ron

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Jumped out of bed around 06:30, got dressed and left. I arrived within ten minutes at the train station. I can tell you at 06:40 on a Sunday morning there wasn’t a soul at the station. Busy on the train though. The only thing on my mind in the train was; please don’t get out at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Thankfully, most people remained seated. At a high pace, I made my way to the Torii gates. The last time I was here I left because it was way too busy. My early bird plan worked, nobody around.

On one side of the Torii gates, there are no writings.

 Fushimi Inari Shrine

On the other side, there are writings. If you decide you want one. Well, you can buy one. The prices are 400.000 Yen and up.

 Fushimi Inari Shrine

After walking around for an hour I felt it was time to leave the holy mountain Inari. Loved the thousands of Torri gates that reach from the forest, all the way up the mountain. If I come here again, I will hike all the way up. Today I had other plans. Just keep in mind that the density of the gates will reduce the higher you are getting up the hill. On my way down I noticed the crowds were entering the area again. It was getting harder and harder to get pictures with no people in it. So my tip is: get up early and enjoy the Torri gates without the crowds. After this amazing visit, I went back to the apartment for a well-deserved shower and breakfast.


Nara park

I took the train of 11:07 to Nara and in just 48 minutes I arrived in town. From the station, it was about one kilometer over the main street to reach Nara park. The park is huge and is great to wander around, sit somewhere or like in my case enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Near the entrance of the park, I bought special deer crackers (150 Yen) to feed the deer wandering around the park.

hert1Be aware, because just like in Miyajima the deer are greedy. Here an example of a girl getting pushed by a deer because he wants a cracker. 😆


He was successful!


After she was done feeding him I talked to her and send her the pictures I took. She had been to Amsterdam recently and also visited the Zaans Schans. A bit ashamed I had to admit I never been there myself. 😳 Well I mean the Zaanse Schans, not Amsterdam because that would have been weird since I live there


Todaiji temple

In Nara Park, you can also find this temple. At first, I thought; another temple. until I reached the entrance gate. The gate was huge, One look at this beautiful gate changed my mind immediately and was so happy I went there.

Todaiji temple

After, passing the gate I got disappointed for a moment. The gates of the main entrance where under construction. After buying a ticket my prayers were heard and the rest of the building wasn’t under construction. The path towards the main building was huge. Beautiful! Inside the building, impressed by the huge buddha. The picture doesn’t reflect the size of the Buddha well.

Todaiji temple

Todaiji temple

Just to clarify the size, his hand is as big as a person and the bronze statue is fifteen meters high. The temple was build in 752 and got moved to Nagaoka in 784. It got reconstructed in 1692. One impressive building.

Todaiji temple

After my visit I bought more deer crackers and looked them up to let them enjoy this treat.

deer in Nara

It didn’t take long to be out of crackers when you get stalked by three deer. 😀 Well, that is the deer in Nara for you. What an amazing afternoon. After I helped somebody get on the correct train. I headed back to the apartment.


At night had great food again just outside Kyoto station. So good!

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